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Childrens dating service

Morning is love, when mom bids me arise, Eggs shaped like hearts, a breakfast surprise.

The sun barely risen, looks down with a smile, And says, "take your time, just sit for a while." Tea time is rest, as the light starts to fade. The kettle whistles "You know me, you do." The saucepan bubbles, "And I know you, too." Though distance and time have claimed it from me, This home lives within, a memory.

I thought it rather strange today, When visiting the zoo, To find the creatures living there, Are just like me and you.

So wild and acrobatic, The monkeys in their cage, Delight in swinging high and low, Performers on a stage.

compares two unlike things: a tiny Chihuahua and a Scottish warrior chieftain.

Each night he walks his kingdom and nods to all he meets, His confident strut, his head held high; he roams through starlit streets.

A famous metaphor states, "Life is a journey." Writing is also a journey and metaphors should be part of that exploration.

Downloading kids' books is easy and convenient, not to mention having children's books on your portable device makes for one-stop entertainment when you're out and about with the kids.

And now there's nothing left, Of the mountains and the stream, Except a trace of pinkish snow, That smells like... While teaching metaphors to a child can be tricky, concrete examples can make this somewhat abstract idea more lucid.

Poor zebras are the prisoners, Condemned for life, you know, Their classic uniform of stripes, Truly marks them so.

If I had all day, I'd surely make, Some other metaphors, For sloths, and tigers, elephants, And even dinosaurs.

My room is a picture which stays in my head - The books in the corner, the cat on the bed.

Home is my best friend, my partner, my all, Be it ever so humble, be it ever so small.

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