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On the way to her grandmother's house, Ginger noticed a big bad wolf standing in the woods.

Although his fur was matted and dark, his eyes cold and distant, his claws curled and sharp, she was int...

Red Riding Hood is a sophisticated fashionista with a one of a kind fairytale style!

She's not scared of a big bad wolf because with a sparkling hood and a cute dress, she'll be able to take on an...

Shooters, speedsters and strong guys are uniting to save the world. Little Sofia hurt herself really bad when she fell in the bushes and now you have to take her to the hospital.

Take care of the princess and tend to her injuries so that she can play with her frien... Even superheros like Batman have toothache occasionally.

And if you're going to a luxury car park, then you're going to need some precision parking s...A car hit Cinderella while she was crossing the street and right now she feels awful. Y harbour this time of year but that isn't stopping this bad mother chomper. She has a lot of split ends and her hair is very dry and dull. Use all kinds of batman gadgets like "batman toothpaste", "dental bat-floss", "dental bat-drill" to make batman's teeth look clean and fres... As the beast warriors continue to evolve and become more powerful martial arts masters, war will eventually break out between those who consider themselves predators and those who they consider the...She has bad injuries on her body and you have to do your best to heal her wounds. Take a bite out of King Kong, the NYPD, the jerks from Jersey Shore, and even lady liberty hers... Crime doesn't sleep, so this cop took the graveyard shift to fight crime through the night in hopes of creating a safer place for the civilians who live in his district. When you're an amorphous blob in a world of dungeons and monsters and traps, then you'll need to start to gaining new abilities and limbs and strengths so you can actually survive in this horrible ... Lea is always getting all the positive attention in school, especially in Art Class! Those shakey, wobbly towers are pretty gross looking.With all of the constant exploding houses and upgradable missiles, the poor citizens of this rocket-cursed town are always ducking and run... They don't show off anything interesting about the graphics engine, or stay anything at all about the plot other than, bad guys don't have any qualms about jumping...The missions never end and the opposition will never die!

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It's not the end of the world but it is the end of the week and it just so happens to include that magic number: 13.

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