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Only fools and horses dating agency

So the opinion seems to be counter –productive and not practicable.

There is another opinion which looks to be suggesting that Planet X could probably be a God sent gift to accommodate the surplus population that we have already have. However , there are major worrisome concerns involving chunk countries in the coming year 2018.

I think we are in the mists of Earth's saving herself.

More to go....""Kronos comes home after 29 years to find the Destroyer in his house.

The article is scheduled to be published on 1 December 2017.

Usually with my dreams i see the event as though i am actually there.

When the Earth got finished with some rearranging of her self, the star would come down & finish what the Earth couldn't.

After that, there was a Rainbow that encircled the whole Earth.

Having said that , it may be known that more care and appropriate strategy by human beings , if brought to play , there can be some relief or some offset of effects.

In this light , a fatalistic claim of certainty in relation to said alerts in July- August 2018 may have to be read with a pinch of circumscription or restriction while it can be said to be a great guide.""News media world -wide have carried news to say that according to report brought out in early November 2017 , unemployment rate in US has fallen 17 years low, indicating major success attributable to President Donald Trump.

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The reckless punk down the block gives him the earth-shattering news that insurance companies and banks will be going broke , panic,riots.

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