Pantyhose dating service the michigan

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Pantyhose dating service the michigan

Some minority of transvestic men may have a related condition known as Gender Identity Disorder where the urge is not simply to wear women’s clothing, but rather to become a woman.

This latter condition is what motivates transgendered individuals to want to switch genders.

You might have a bit of a fetish going on; specifically, a transvestic streak in your personality. Most certainly, simple wearing of pantyhose does not mean that you are homosexual.

In contrast, male transvestites are overwhelmingly heterosexual in nature.

By the time I pulled them up to my waist I had a raging hard-on.

You do not suggest that any additional desires are present beyond wanting to wear women’s underwear, and so I’ll just mention these other conditions in passing for the moment.

My obsession with pantyhose started when I was around five years old.

Insane sex scenes and really kinky adult fetishes in a wide number of special fuck videos online.

Not much, except that you are a man who likes to wear nylon pantyhose.

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