Sophos not updating to version 10

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Sophos not updating to version 10

However, this will only perform the upgrade to the most recent version available from the distribution’s repositories – not the latest one available in the https://

Unfortunately, Red Hat only allows to upgrade the kernel using the former option.

You've been visited by some generous technology elves and now have a new server setup.

Deep Freeze does not support installation on a APFS based system and cannot be used on systems that have...

If you are still interested in building the kernel as a learning experience, you will find instructions on how to do it at the Kernel Newbies page.

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This document outlines a basic troubleshooting step by step you can use to self-diagnose the cause.

If at any point, you are unclear of what to do next, please contac...

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As opposed to Red Hat, Cent OS allows the use of ELRepo, a third-party repository that makes the upgrade to a recent version a kernel.

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